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Capital City Private High School

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Educational Fee

Grade Annual Educational Fee Per Academic Year (USD)
Year 10 - Year 12 $ 2500

Family Discount

* Second and Third child, receive a 10% discount from the educational fee.


* A $1000 USD non – refundable registration fee (First installment) is required to reserve your child’s seat for the Academic Year.
* The second installment 50%of tuition fees is due 1st September 2021.
* The third installment 75%of tuition fees is due 1st December 2021.
* The fourth & last installment 100% of tuition fees is due 1st February 2022.
If the payments are not paid on time, there will be a penalty fee of $5 per day levied onto your child’s account. If this is a consistent issue, reregistration for the following Academic Year may not be permitted.

Books, Copybooks and Stationary Fees

Grade Annual Fee Per Academic Year (USD)
Year 10 - Year 12 $ 200

Uniform Fee

Grade Annual Fee Per Academic Year (USD)
Year 10 - Year 12 $100


The uniform fee is due prior to the beginning of the Academic year.

Other Optional Fees

Grade Annual Fee Per Academic Year (USD)
Transportation (Annual Plan) Year 10 - Year 12 $600 – $700
Meals (Annual Plan – Morning Snack & Lunch) Year 10 - Year 12 $ 700

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